Street Art in Brooklyn by Eli Ceballos

One of the most incredible things about living in NYC is the access that we have to the arts.  One of the least respected, however, is street art.  The reason I lament it is because these photos will show how magnificent some of these pieces that some of use take for granted, are.


Studios and sets...and interesting people! by Eli Ceballos

Today I left my house not expecting much of the day...almost wishing that I was staying home. Comfort is a wonderful thing but a thing that can also stifle creativity and the potential for growth if left unchecked.

What I encountered instead was a great space to photograph in, some wonderful models and people and a sense that I have to be more aware of when I am growing complacent and the dangers that come with it.

If ever you are in need of studio space in the Brooklyn area, more specifically in Bushwick, check out They have a great space that is truly affordable and it is run by fantastic people.

Here are some shots of the models they provided at the meet and greet today...needless to say I had a blast!


The 2014 Photo Expo by Eli Ceballos

Today I had a blast at the NYC PDN Photo Expo at the Jacob Javits Center!  I got to test some TRULY AMAZING gear that I will be trying my best to purchase as soon as possible! 

The Sigma Art 50 is an outstanding lens that rivals any high end lens available with regard to sharpness and speed. The Nikon 810 is a machine to be reckoned with and it truly deserves all of its accolades. 

I love the vendors and their willingness to inform and make deals on the spot (who wants to pack up all that inventory anyway!?) and I also had fun shooting all the lovely show models.

Here are a few.



Transitions. by Eli Ceballos

Why do I find transitions so difficult? Love to hate, friend to stranger, summer to autumn, life to death? Some people navigate through these with ease, some with dignity but I walk with those that resist it, abhor it. Like Gollum with the elvish burns. It is not that I don't like change...that would be too simplistic. Maybe it is the finality of it all...

Maybe this is why I am a photographer...I keep moments.


The End...

Out of the Dark... by Eli Ceballos

The view from my window, here in Brooklyn,

The view from my window, here in Brooklyn,

Out of the Dark

"WTF does that mean?", one might ask.  Well it is my arrival in a sense...from obscurity.  An emergence from anonymity. I want to share what I see. I want to share what I have learned and see where sharing what I know takes me.