This is a general list of services that Cryfoto provides, feel free to ask about other relates services and package deals.

Whether it is coverage for a traditional publication, online magazine or even a fashion designer, Cryfoto always gets the shot. 


Designer’s Look Book

Designers, need to present to prospective buyers? Cryfoto can take care of the hassle of acquiring models and support staff. We can help in creating the actual look book in print or online and everything in between. Cryfoto can take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on the details.


Whether it's the catwalk, back stage, front of house, hair, accessories or shoes, Cryfoto get the shot.

Model Portfolio

Cryfoto excels at revamping portfolios and providing those first powerful images in a great portfolio that get you noticed.


To tell a story you need superior planning, an ability to adapt and solid understanding of the message.  Let Cryfoto tell your story in a way where words alone are unable to fully express the most delicate of details.


In order to get your first break as an actor, it is important to have a strong headshot. Second to none as the most effective and important tool for an actor, a good headshot will mean the difference between getting cast and getting cast aside.  Knowledge of what a casting director is needs is what sets Cryfoto apart from the rest.

Comp Cards

When you see a casting director, leaving a powerful comp card is the best way to make a lasting impression after your go-see.  Will your comp card stand out amongst the others?  Cryfoto can make it so!

Web Portfolio

Cryfoto can build a custom website portfolio to show as an alternative to a traditional one. This is useful when there are time issues or when you want to show your book to many people at once.


Cryfoto has a great deal of experience shooting emerging music and performing artists.  Cryfoto can capture you in your element or in a studio all of which can be used in successful promotional material.